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1st-2nd Official Day of Summer (Relay for Life 2011)
May 21-22, 2011 

Waking up at 6:15AM. Parents making me a champion’s breakfast (Dad’s special egg benedict). Meeting up with Eric. Pitching up the tents. Harry Potter village (I loved how Eric setup all the tents/tarps). My mansion of a tent. “Arguing” with Jonny Paguiao.  Opening ceremonies (YOU GO ADRIAN + MICHELLE!). Hanging around. Chill talks. No one knew when Team Captain meetings were held. Finally turning in money. Apples to Apples. Jenny is a sarcastic, cynical judge. Viviane is just a hot mess. Blowing up the air mattress. David Nguyen is smarter than Adrian Francisco. Trying to sleep in a super hot tent. Failing. Chilling around some more. Watching people play Apples to Apples. Talking with Greenbaum. Ada and Kimberly coming (finally<3). Eating pizza. I like how everyone made fun of my tent signs. Walking the track with Ada and Kimberly. Iffy thoughts, cough. Feeling like I failed as Team Captain. More walking, more chilling. Monopoly Deal with Alex, Kevin, Stanton, Ada. Wesley in jail. Jonathan and Jessica trying to rescue him. Not sure where the time went. Sitting around, lazing around. Sam, Bronson, Ada, Kimberly, Uyen(?) went to Boba Tea House. They got my yearbook. Freaking about what to do for Miss Relay. Jonny and Jessica locked up in a tent. Jonny having to pee. Jonny peeing in a bottle. But just kidding. Signing yearbooks. I forgot to finish Sharon’s. Getting dinner. Only eating the bread—like always. They didn’t have cinnamon spread. Eating dinner in the small tent because we were too lazy to open the big one. Miss Wesley Su. Makeup being done. Dressing Jonathan up. THE DARK MISTRESS! Armies of transies. Reading the Adult Joke Book Kimberly brought. Debriefing meeting. Watching Miss Relay. Lady ShyShy. Rebecca Black. “Do you think looks are deceiving?” “Well.. yeah.. sometimes a girl can end up being a MAN.” Missing how Jonhny Pham was totally hit on last year. Stuffing Jonny’s boobs with money. Singing and dancing during the 5 minute money gathering. JOURNEY, CLASSIC! Tetris + Battleship? Failing at Blokus. Reminiscing about Tre playing at RFL last year. He’s the BEST night time Relay singer, EVER. Luminaria’s beauty. Lady ShyShy coming out of no where. I DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU—APPARENTLY NO ONE DID (LOLADASUKHILOL). Mom calling that she has food. Walking all the way around to the parking lot. Finding out my mom went to the campsite. Picking at Mom’s food. Giving that food away. Tent talks with Richy. Adrian dying. “ADRIAN?” Random niggas going in and out of the tent. Jessica’s checkup warning. “AJ RAFAEL?” I like how Jas + Yeepuppy were freaking out about my bidness, sillys. Samuel’s wise advice. Irony and contradictions, cough. Taco Bell. Talking with Jessica and Wesley. Jonathan, Anthony. Ada, Sukhi. Hanging around in the tent with Ada and Sukhi. Half asleep watching Glee with Sukhi. Five fingers, silly stories. Adrian, Kimberly, Bryan, Jonathan coming around. Sleep. Waking up at 2AM for my shift. Walking around with Tee. Realizations. Happiness. Letting go. Walking with Ada and Bronson. Sleeping with Sukhi and Kimberly again. Waking up every now and then to loud niggas (ADAADRIANSTFU). Waking up to epic Star Wars music. Sleep. Waking up to Sunday Morning. Walking out of the tent. “GOOD MORNING BEAUTIFUL. HELLO PRINCESS!” Hot mess, obvs. Clean up, herpderp. Free Jamba Juice. Closing ceremonies. Leaving with a good feeling.

Overall: It wasn’t what I expected, but I didn’t expect much. Having it on the soccer fields weren’t as bad as I thought it’d be. Words can’t express how thankful I am of having Eric Ninh on our team—thank you so so SO much for the tents, the tarps, the chairs, the canopy, walking the shifts, the good intentions, the memories, everything. The day was really chill, maybe a bit too chill. People weren’t doing that much, so I just lazed around for most of the day. Weather was perfect though: sunny with a slight breeze. There’ll always be room for improvements. Thank you to Tracy Ho for keeping things in check. Had a pretty interesting talk at night, and I shared a lot of laughs with people throughout the day. Miss Relay will be unforgettable. It made me happy to hear that Garvin really enjoyed it. I really missed the bleachers of CRC—I missed being able to sit with someone, look down at how small the people and tents appear, and talk about life. I wish Tre could sing all night. Well, we make the most of what we can, right? I enjoyed myself—I didn’t tire myself out with countless activities, but I legitimately enjoyed myself. Goodness, I love Relay nights. The people, the talks, the lights of the Luminaria bags, the atmosphere. ‘til next year.

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